Final Puzzles and Ending

So I’ve known the two ending to the game that I wanted to have for a long time. I wanted to be able to finish the game and have the captain die, or you could save him. They would both be considered a success since you got the cadets and the ship home safe, but one is happier than the other. With this in mind I have tried to plan out the paths to take to get to these two different endings, but so much changed constantly that I wasn’t able to get really good branching paths through the game. The choice at the end now basically has to come down to which cadet you choose to come and check on the captain at the very end. I left a hint or two through the game which should help guide the player, if they have been paying close attention, to the cadet that will be able to save the life of the captain. So far the feedback has been good, ¬†though maybe my hints weren’t strong enough, but I also don’t want to slap the player in the face with the right answer.

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