So our game has had a lot of bugs that we have been working through, and with each new iteration comes new bugs. Because we are using a simple task management to track our tasks and progress we didn’t have a good system in place to track bugs and do QA. This became more apparent as the game progresses. Parts of the game became unplayable and there were many game killing bugs.

Shane and myself were in the lab late one night when Shane had a good suggestion. We made a trello card called bugs. Within this card we created a checklist. This checklist consists of all bugs that people find. Our engineer jumped right on top of this and started fixing and checking off bugs like crazy. I am so glad that Shane came up with this idea. It has really helped to make the game a lot more stable. At EAE day we were able to have people play all the way through the game as it sits right now.

Moving forward, I think we might need to expand a little bit on the system to help keep it rolling, but it is working. This has really made me realize just how important good QA is for a game. If you don’t find the bugs, then the players will, and nobody wants to play a buggy game. It will kill your sells, and reviews.

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