The haze clears…now its getting real

So basically with GDC and the spring break our team has not had much time to meet together. It has been good for a break, but terrible for the progress of our game. It is nice to get back into the swing of things. We have recently been having some serious problems hammering down the direction that our game should be going in. We have different factions in our group that want different things. In a very general sense here is what I am observing:¬†We have the producers who seem to want to flush out the original idea of camera and whatnot, We have some artists who want to try something new and more exciting, and finally the engineers who just want to simplify and work with what we have. Personally I feel that everyone has good points and I am a bit unsure at how we can resolve them. I also feel that this idea of democracy in game design is taking too much time. I love the idea that everyone helps with design…but currently we have a system that everyone says ideas, but no one decides. This means that we waste a lot of time talk about nebulous ideas that have no value as they will never be implemented. I hope that we can resolve this issue quickly and get back on track.


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