Teamwork? yeah…kinda…

So we are totally going to meet our goals for EAE night. After working towards our goals for this sprint, we have stepped on each others toes more than once with this clunky version control problem. So what s the solution? Karthik! This dude has taken the initiative to finish pretty much all remaining mission critical tasks AFTER the work day. This results in less problems because he has no conflicts and can just get everything done without the need to double and triple check with version control. Honestly without his work I think that we would have struggled a lot more in reaching our goals.

Our game in general feels much more like a game than ever before. I am glad that I can work together with our team. All of our engineers have such unique abilities and I am so glad to be able to work together with them. To help ease the burdens and frustrations, I will try to provide some tasty treats for them and my team. Hopefully we can all end this project without feeling cheated out of work, or hurt by the necessities of dealing with the inconveniences of the system.

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