EAE day here we come.

So recently we have had some conflicts on our team that have brought up some very important issues and ultimately have made our team stronger. We are coming up on the end of the semester and have to present our game at EAE day. This means that we need something to show. Currently our game has about 5 seconds of playable game. This seems pretty unacceptable for EAE day so we had a meeting. In the meeting among other things we talked about what we need to show at EAE day and how we can get there in the amount of time that we have left. This was a great meeting because we were finally able to tell people to stop talking about where the game will be in a year, and start talking about where it will be in a week. We decided to worry less about changing our game and more about finishing it as it is now and then improving player experience and iterating on the fun. I feel like at this point, we are making strides in the right direction. I am confident that we will have good stuff to show at EAE day.

The downside is that I am struggling to find tasks for everyone to do as we can only have one person working on one scene at any given time. In order for people to not just override others work( or lose there own) I am bouncing back and forth between any teams that might have conflicts and the only advice I can give them is to wait until the other person is finished. It feels so wrong at this point where we are at crunch time….but I don’t know what else to do. We have very clear goals for EAE day and the work would be so easy to do in a day if everyone could work at the same time…but unfortunately we cant. This means that we will have less time for iteration and will have to play with whatever we end up with.

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