GDC here I come!

GDC starts next week and I am flying out tomorrow to go check it out.  The EAE staff has been super cool in hooking us up with matching shirts and jackets and giving us tips on making the most out of GDC. We plan to meet a bunch of people and Introduce our game so we made an introduction video for the game as it currently is.

As for the game itself, We are feeling the growing pains of a large team. Our meetings seem to last a lot longer and there is more talking and opinion exchanging and less actual progress which worries me. I think that this will pass as we realize that we don’t have the time to develop a game if we don’t start working. I look forward to our post GDC meetings where we can nail down the direction we want to pursue and we can unleash our engineering team on the game.

Saraba ja!

We did it!

Well we did it! Our game was one of 5 final projects that were chosen. now we are organizing into bigger teams and I am looking forward to working with a bunch of cool people. We are looking to add Bug, Diana, and Amit to our engineering team which makes us one of the largest engineering teams out there. That’s super exciting. We are spending a bunch of time now just getting the team organized and are trying to iterate on our original game ideas.

The Industry Panel

So I volunteered to work with Paul to present our game to the Industry Panel yesterday. It went very well and I feel like even If we don’t get picked, We gave it our best shot and have delivered something pretty cool. I met a few big names at the industry panel and was able to make professional contacts with some of them. Now we just wait and See if our game got picked! cross your fingers!

Tech demo done!

Well we have made some major progress. Open CV is now working somewhat and we have a general prototype finished. It feels more like a tech demo but it is coming long nicely i feel. We are thinking of other features and are working to get them all ready for the industry panel. My team is working together nicely and we are looking forward to what we come out with.