Team is formed! Back in Unity

Well we have our team finalized. I must say, this hunger games style of recruiting was a bit stressful. Certain members of the cohort got sniped away from other teams and things almost got heated. In the end we have a solid team. With me on engineering is Aqeel, Saurabh and Karthik. I am excited to work together with them because they are all so talented programmers! We have decided to build the project in unity using openCV. OpenCV is super powerful and it is looking awesome thus far. We are trying to get OpenCV integrated into unity. It looks like there is an plugin but it is pretty pricey. We will have to figure out what to do about that soon.

The Climb vs Plato’s Cave

Well I gave my pitch. It went really well. The Climb is Zelda dungeons¬†with some cool rpg regression elements in the mix. I also wanted to add a timer as a main mechanic to enforce the game play i was looking for. Anyways My game got honorable mention and I considered making a team. However, I was approached by Paul and he asked me to join his team instead. After some consideration I decided to leave my game and go for the technological monster that is Plato’s cave. Plato’s cave is a game that encourages real world play by using a camera to capture real world objects as in game controllers. It should be fun. Now i just need to recruit a bunch of solid guys for our team.





Here is my pitch:

My Thesis Pitch

Semester 2

We started a new semester! The break was great but I am ready to get back in action. This semester it seems like the organization will be a bit different. First of all we will pitch ideas for our prototype game. Then after we get through all the pitches, We will narrow it down to a few projects to work on and prototype. Then those games will be judged by an Industry panel, and from those we will choose our final project. It seems like this is going to be a very involved process. Luckily I have a few Ideas and I am fine to work with pretty much everyone in our cohort so here goes! wish me luck! Here is a teaser of what I plan to pitch!