I’m Done!



Well after a few crazy nights of hard work, we were able to finish the prototype in time to present. It went over well and all in all it was a success.  I learned alot from this prototype and I look forward to the day i can work with these guys again. We finished off the semester with the end of this our 4th and final prototype as well as EAE night. I had a special moment at EAE night where a group of kids came up and started playing my game. They were laughing and having a great time while playing and couldn’t put the controller down. it was amazing.

Anyways here is the video:

I’m Back

MY FAMILY IS HERE! its so awesome to finally be with my family. Unfortunately as it is finals week , I cannot spend as much time with them as I would like. My wife is so amazing and is supporting me through this super busy time. Anyways, the project is going well. Since I have been out we have made some major changes and are now going for a pushing sumo type game. It made sense to me that we should have a sumo as our character. It is looking like we will end up going in that direction. The biggest problem recently is getting in the new character models and all the animations that go with them., After about 8 hours of work, I was able to figure it out. I would be so much faster if I understood animation and art stuff. I guess I should study a bit of the art stuff to make my efficiency as a programmer better. That’s my new goal.

One benefit of the hours spent with blue print is that I have feel like i have reached a new level of my understanding and use of blueprints. I realized that blueprints are not made for programmers, but instead is a tool to let artists implement their assets in a way that gives them more control without the need to learn coding. The reason why I think this is that there are some serious problems when I want to specify an object, what I want that object to do. Generally, a programmer wants to be very explicit in their code. Personally I would not use blueprints if I had the choice because of the rigid and ambiguous UI and options. I hate the idea that some context predictor is responsible for guiding me through the way I want to code my game. Either way though, I will continue to use blueprints for the duration of this project.