Unreal is unreal!

So we started using the unreal engine and I have been assigned to figure out blueprints. man this system is complicated! I spent about 6 hours this past weekend trying to implement animation blueprints as a punch mechanic. It finally worked and our game is looking good. The thing about unreal is that it is super powerful and generally easy, but there are small idiosyncrasies of the engine that are not intuitive at all. however, when you press play, you can’t argue that its amazing graphics and general power is amazing.

We are having a bit of a complication in that this week is thanksgiving and most of our team will leave and go visit family. this means that we may lose some precious development time, so today we spent a bit of extra time on planning to get everything in order. We had 2 branches of our project running namely the 2d side scroller vs the isometric view. Fortunately we all agreed that the 2d side scroller was further along and fitted our needs better. We are going ahead with that. My team has been working reasonably well together so far and our current goals definitely seem within scope. I am excited for the game!!

Team Asia Punch!

Well today we got the final prototype. We have been assigned to use the Unreal engine and we were given no other limitations. Even our teams were open. It was a mad dash for teammates once it was announced, but somehow I got lucky and got a group of just amazing and talented people that I am excited to work with. We have decided to call ourself team Asia Punch because we have alot of asians on the team and we are considering a fighting game…?

The game we are working on is pretty exciting. We are starting a RPG – fighting game. We are thinking that it will be a platform based fighter like Super smash brothers or samurai gun, but our twist is adding the RPG element. We plan to do this by adding an experience gaining feature to 3 main mechanics; running, jumping and punching. the experience gain will be super fast and each player will get a set amount of time to prepare before fighting. The levels gained by each player are permanent and can vary greatly for player to player. this means that in essence, you are creating your custom character before the fight, and you can see the enemy preparing too and can therefore counter them.

We are still working out the details of the idea but we are loving it so far. Unreal has been fun to play around with. It is such a great too for development. Today I was able to do a mock up using blueprint design and a teammate was able to accomplish the same thing through the c++ editor. We are well on our way already and are looking forward to seeing how this idea changes over the course of this 4 week project.

Here is a game we like and want to try to emulate if we can:

Done and done?

Well Another one down. This project was super fun. I think that we have alot of potential for growth with this game. This week I spent my time preparing for the pitch as well as playtesting and working on small things here and there. Our pitch went amazing and we had nothing but overwhelmingly positive feedback so far. We implemented some easter eggs (a character model of our teacher) and it went over really well.

In our post mordem, we talked about how the project went overall as well as where we want to go in the future. I will keep you posted on any developments with this game in the future!

Here is some gamplay footage:

Estoy en fuego!

So right after posting the last time, we decided on doing a western based shooter using the eye tracker stuff. for the past almost 2 weeks we have been rolling with it. We are calling it “Bandito dela muerte” and things are progressing amazingly fast. In what seems like overnight developments we were able to pump out a respectable prototype just in time to present this week. During informal pitches this week we got a lot of good feedback and people generally seem to like it!

I am learning a lot about Unity. it is such a powerful system and it is super easy and fast to develop in. I think I have found a good candidate for the best rapid prototyping platform ever. On top of all of that, my teammates are just amazing. Our artists have assets done before i can blink, and our lead programmer Ahmad is having a lot of fun with this. I am grateful for a good lead programmer who is so passionate about the project. It is definitely is contagious!

For this coming week, We are going to just hammer out the bugs and get it playing nice so that we can show people. I am hoping to work together more with drew and get some experience with some of the producer stuff that he has been doing. I think we are trying to enter the B2B competition as well as games for health. WIsh us luck!