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So this was a crazy week. We had to have a hundred ideas ready by Tuesday. We divided it up, and all of us came up with about 8 ideas each. Instead of doing a complete presentation on each of those ideas (which would have been insane), we were told to grab a bunch of people from our cohort, and pitch the ideas to them, and then based on their feedback narrow down those ideas. It sounded great, until the part where we had to discard ninety five ideas using this process in an hour. So we quickly went about pitching the ideas, and while I was pitching mine to group, Tina came up to us and started listening to me pitch. After about 10 minutes, she said that my ideas sounded very familiar to her, and that her team also had the same ideas. Apparently she had forgotten that I was on her team. I know I am not letting her forget this, ever. So after we had all done this, we got together, presented the feedback we had recieved. In the, the five games we selected were:

1) The Button Game: A first person puzzle game where the player needs to press a button to solve it. This was a cohort favorite game from last semester.

2) Robot Game: A 2.5D puzzle platformer where you get weaker as the game progresses.

3) Brain Hacking: You control a drone which you can use to take control of NPCs.

4) Dissociative Identity Disorder(DID): A mystery game, where you are both the protagonist and the antagonist, but neither the character nor the player knows this till the end.

5) Body Pillow RPG: A visual novel, about relationships with inanimate ojects, specifically body pillows.

Yeah, my team is a weird one. Anyhow, we shortlisted these on Tuesday, and by Wednesday, we had to submit 5 one page documents about each game to the faculty, as well as prepare presentations for Thursday on each game. Needless to say, we had very slept very little on those two days. But our decision to go with very simple and basic presentations was praised by the faculty, and based on the feedback that was collected from the cohort, we will now have to narrow down the ideas to three, and then finally cut one out to come down to two. Let’s see how that’ll go!

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  1. Siiiiiiigh.

    I guess I deserve it. But now I’ll always remember!

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