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Remember how I talked about launching our Greenlight last week? Yeah, we got greenlit. That means 404Sight is coming to Steam soon! I can’t believe it! I’ve been playing games from Steam for years, and now my own game will be available on it! After the downer that was the Intel thing, this is huge! This has boosted the team’s confidence, and we ready to face the challenge of finishing up the game in about one month. We picked April 16th as our launch date, as it is after major releases, is right before a weekend, and gives us time after launch for fixes and patches. This week started off a bit slow, as it was right after GDC, but being greenlit so quickly has boosted our performance. We are now focusing on adding more levels, more art, and fixing everything. We have feature locked now (for reals), and are just working on content and polish. I’m really excited for Steam!

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