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So yeah, GDC happened. And our game broke. Yup, as soon as we started up the game on the first day of the expo, the game crashed. We figured out the problem, which was that Unreal 4.7 had changed the way Unreal handles HTTP connections, and as a result, no internet connection caused the game to crash. Weird, but it happened. We managed to fix it, by logging into our lab computer by using Teamviewer, removing the internet component, doing another build, uploading it, downloading it at GDC, and then getting the build running. That was interesting. Besides that, GDC went well for us, with a lot of positive feedback, and a bunch of new bugs. We also released our Greenlight campaign. The Intel event also happened, and although we didn’t win anything, it was still an amazing experience. Overall, GDC was amazing as always. I experienced a broken build right before a big event, had lots of people play my game, participated in a great event, and had a fun time.

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