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We’ve been busy fixing stuff and adding polish, and we were hit by more good news. Epic picked us as one of the winners for Unreal Dev Grant this week. That means we are getting $13,000 to help us! This is just amazing!
As for the game, I implemented more of Joe’s effects into the game. He made a bleed effect for the slow lanes, which looks really cool. We then had the idea to use that, and the pixelization effect he had made earlier, to create the respawn effect for the player. We’ve had problems with people sometimes not understanding that they had died. And we wanted to keep the respawn short. The result, a really cool looking fade out and fade in for the character when they died, which clearly gets the message across.yo2jAn I also fixed a problem we’ve been having with our launch tiles, that they feel slow. Instead of having a flat value for air friction, the value now changes based on whether the player was launched, or jumped on their own. This makes the game feel much faster now, which is what we wanted.

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