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For our game engineering final, we had to use everything we had learned so far in the semester, and build a game using all that. I decided to remake a simpler version of my thesis game, 404Sight. It is a firs/third person runner inspired from Mirror’s Edge, with the eagle vision from Assassin’s Creed. The player uses their ping ability to reveal parts of the environment, using which they get have to get to the end as quickly as possible. I chose this game because I knew how all the mechanics worked, and wanted to see how simply I could replicate them in an engine I made from scratch. For my final, I decided to remake our first level, called the hallway. It’s straight path to the end, but the way is littered with fast and slow tiles. To reveal the tiles, use left click. Movement is through the WASD keys. You can rotate the player character around by using Q and E, but the movement axes are fixed for now. One of my goals for next semester is to get a third person camera implemented. The game exits when you make it to the end. The game name in the top left is a 2D Sprite. Another thing I want to implement is a timer, using a spritesheet. I learned so much in this class, about how to setup pipelines, which made it easier for me to add assets to my game, and I had negligible graphics programming knowledge before taking this class. Now I feel I know atleast the basics, and can now go deeper into graphics programming, and be able to render something that looks much better. I also delved a bit into making plugins for Maya, as I modified the Maya plugin given to us by the professor, changing the way it exported multiple meshes. I also added sound, which is the music that plays in game in 404Sight (The real one). Here are a couple of screenshots of my game:

game1 game2

In the debug build (both release and debug are linked below), you can press F1 to toggle debug lines. The debug line I have right now changes size based on the player’s speed. This helped me debug whether I had the intended interaction with each tile. You can find the debug build here. The release build is here.

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