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Whats game development without a little crunch? Similar to the IGF week, this as another crazy one. We couldn’t get a lot done Tuesday, as everyone was waiting for everyone else to finish whatever they were working on, so as not to cause conflicts. But who CARES? Thursday, though was a whole different story. We got the new open level thing working – relatively bug free- at about 6PM. We had also reverted the ping to an older version, the one before the active reload. We also added the sounds and music that was made for the game by Keaton Anderson. Got the checkpoint-progress thing also working, and did a massive lighting build, which showed us the power of swarm. All in all, it was long week, and we left the lab at about 2AM. It was the same four people as last time, me, Tony, Kyle, and Matt. Matt worked on a video loop that we should on EAE Day, while Kyle added a new skysphere and some post process settings, which made the game look amazing. But as per tradition, I spent the morning of EAE Day fixing some last minute bugs, and getting a final build ready for the day. EAE Day itself was a massive success, and our game was well received. I also spent the next couple of days fixing some of the big bugs we found on EAE Day, in order to get this build ready for another IGF submission. Here is the video loop from EAE Day, showing the old trailer, as well as some sick new gameplay footage:

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