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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Its been a crazy two weeks. We’ve been preparing for GDC and the Intel event, and have been pumping out levels, polish, fixes, tweaking….basically everything. We added a shift to sprint, since the game is about speed, reworked the ability to destroy inhibitors into a speed burst, which blows up the inhibitor which you hit, then removed the shift to sprint, because having two different buttons to speed up didn’t make sense. Yeah, all that happened over two weeks. The Speed Burst
The decal update proved to be amazing, as we have three levels finalized and with art, and 5 more test levels ready to go. The UI has also been updated, and the level loading has now been changed to give a much smoother and seamless experience. With the reduced level size, and the new loading, the players don’t even see a loading screen anymore. We have also been working on a new GDC trailer, which looks really good. These past two weeks, I’ve been all over the place, helping out pretty much everyone on stuff they’ve been working on, fixing bugs, ALL THE BUGS. We all decided to go for Steam Greenlight, and will be launching our campaign over GDC. Another major change that happened, was that we had been waiting for Unreal 4.7 to drop for a while, as we’ve had a lot of problems with UMG in 4.5, and 4.6 had fixed those, but broke all the materials that Joe had been working on. So Tuesday morning, we decided to update to 4.6, and lock engine version on that. So after spending an hour upgrading to 4.6 and getting everyone on the team on that version, end of class, 4.7 was released. We immediately decided to upgrade to 4.7, and have now engine locked to 4.7. Yeah, we changed engine versions a week before GDC. We crazy like that. See you after GDC!

So this week we were told that we have been picked by the faculty to represent the university at the Intel University Game Showcase, at GDC. This is a massive opportunity for us, and as a result, we’ve kicked into high gear. We decided to present a polished vertical slice of the game, both at GDC and the Intel event. So everyone is now working hard to get the game ready. I also finished the decal update, and now we have proper materials on all decals, along with a very smooth interaction between them and player. We also finished up the inhibitors, which now have a proper model and a nice decal effect associated with them. Another thing we introduced was the bandwidth meter, which works with the player’s speed, and acts as a health meter and a power meter. Using the “charge ability” to destroy inhibitors uses up bandwidth, and if the bandwidth runs out, the player dies and is reset. This makes the game more strategic, as the players have to now think about how and when to use their bandwidth. I am excited to see all these changes, and with the Intel thing, and GDC, we will be able to see how well they work with the game.