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Monthly Archives: January 2015

The final semester started two weeks ago, and after a nice winter break, we were back into developing our game, with full steam. One of big things we got from the EAE day last semester was that there was no reason to turn the ping off. In attempt to fix this, we decided to introduce “inhibitors”. These are giant things that fall out of the sky, and the player can either turn off their ping, or use a new ability to blow them up. Although the biggest thing that happened this semester was the decal system. Up until now, we were using tiles to make our levels, which was a slow process. The resulting levels were also massive (memory wise), and building lighting took hours. I worked with Joe to completely change that. Now, instead of using tiles of fixed sizes, we can use re-sizable brushes to create the level layout, and then place decal actors to place fast/slow/launch decals wherever needed. These decals can be scaled and angled almost anyway, allowing for a lot of freedom in level building. Using giant brushes also greatly reduces the number of objects in each level, reducing the memory footprint, lighting times, loading times. This change should give us a massive performance boost. This would not be possible without Joe’s amazing materials, which also makes the game look much smoother. While this also means that all levels will have to be remade from scratch, and that I re-did all the mechanics in the game, I am sure that this update will help us a lot.Ignore the materials in this