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Monthly Archives: August 2014

We started our third semester last week, and with that went full force into continuing the work we did on our these game over the summer. Over summer, we discussed two possible directions that our game could take, and they both involved iterating on our main mechanic, as well as figuring out a theme for the game. The two themes we came up with were Surveillance, and Net Neutrality, both with different but similar mechanics. I worked on the Net Neutrality mechanic, which was as follows:

  1. The player can ping areas around them
  2. The ping reveals what areas are controlled by the big corporations
  3. The player has to avoid these areas and make it through to the end of the level, while being chased by an enemy “drone”

While I got a basic prototype of the mechanic working, Abhishek developed the drone that follows you, while Vinod did the Surveillance mechanic. By the end of summer, we had both mechanics working enough to see which one we would follow. As school started, we picked surveillance, and developed it further. That was when we were told that Andrew Witts, a former C3 student who now works at Ubisoft, was going to be visiting, and would look at all our games.

So first week of school, and Andrew visited us.He completely destroyed us. In a single sentence: “This is the worst game in this cohort”. Yeah. After some inspirational yelling by Rachel, we got ourselves together, and decided the plan for the future. This week, we are going to have a massive design meeting, where we will decide what direction we will be taking, as well as locking down features for the IGF submission. We’ve already started discussing what we want our game to be, and where we want to take our mechanic. Although we were destroyed, it was good for us, as we’ve turned up our efforts to 11, and with the kind of talent we have on the team, I’m sure we’ll have something amazing, very soon. What we’ve decided for the game is that the player can use his “premonition” ability to reveal good stuff, bad stuff, and interact-able stuff in the environment. For levels, we are thinking of doing fast paced runner sections, kind of like Temple Run, and and then have big rooms where the player has to slow down and think to solve a puzzle to progress. A final feature lock would happen on Tuesday, and Thursday is the day we list out everything we need before IGF submission, or our Alpha Checklist.