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Monthly Archives: February 2014

So a lot happened over the last two weeks. While my game, the button game was coming along fine(more later), the other game was having problems. They had a playable ready for th game, but after trying a lot and changing a lot of things, they were unable to find the “fun” in the game. So after a very long discussion, they decided to scrap the Robot game, and came up with an entirely new game. In the new “Premonition” game, the player has the ability to see the future, and using that information avoid hazards and get through the level. What this also means is that they now have only two weeks to make the whole game, as the industry pitch on 3rd March. I know those guys can pull it off, and we as a team are obviously available for any help they would need.

As for the Button game, progress was happening at a steady rate. We nailed down what it was that we wanted to do with the game, we decided that the game would mess with the player’s intuition. The recursive puzzles mess with the common actions players take while entering a new room. Similarly, the new jumping puzzles play on what a player does on seeing platforms. We also have an idea for gravity based puzzles, but are still figuring out how to make it work with the intuition theme. Also, considering the nature of the game now, we have decided to add a narrative element to the game as well, to help players. The theme is now that the player character is person testing a new and in-development video game, so the narrators are the developers of the video game. The art-style has been nailed as being very Vegas inspired, with a lot of lights and shiny stuff in general. I personally love it!

So last week we narrowed down to the two games we are going to make. And to make them, we decided to divide the team into two smaller teams, each dedicated to one game. But, even with this division, we were still one team, and all of us would wherever needed. Also, our team grew by one more member! Kyle Chittenden decided to join us! I don’t know the exact reason, but I’m not complaining! Anywho, I picked the button game, along with Abhishek, Tina, James, Matt, Joe, and Cory. Since this was an earlier prototype, we had some idea about what we wanted to do, but it obviously needed a lot of work. We also had access to the old code, but after looking at it once we decided that it would be much better if we made everything from scratch, rather than reusing old stuff, as the code was not really written to be reusable. We established the new code architecture we would follow, and as a team decided what needed to be done first. We concluded that we need to recreate the prototype, as we were doing it from scratch. So the engineers (me and Abhishek) divided the puzzles among ourselves, and I started working on the straight room recursive puzzle. In this, if you press the button n the room, a door opens in front of you. When you go through the door, its the same room s before. The way to solve it is to go through the door backwards rather than the normal way. Also, as soon as you “solve” this puzzle, you start falling forever, and the only to solve this is to look down. Meanwhile, Abhishek worked on another recursive puzzle which had a different solution. The way we had structured our code, we could work on these separate puzzles simultaneously and then easily merge them together in whichever order we wanted. The goal for this week was to have theses recursive puzzles ready and playable, and we were able to meet that goal on time! I’ll update on the progress as we continue development.