Week By Week Milestones

January 12, 2015 – January 16, 2015

The team arrived back from winter break.  I fixed a key camera issue by reversing the order of translation of the player and rotation of the camera.  Features were assigned to engineers.  Sam and I started working on a solution for the camera issue when the player moved from one rotation to another.

January 20, 2015 – January 23, 2015

Sam and I were able to provide an additional geometry that the player collides with fixing the camera rotation issue by smoothing the rotation angle.  Sam and I both investigated the controller input issue and Sam figured it out first.  I spent time floating around the team helping other engineers finish assigned tasks.

January 26, 2015 – January 30, 2015

I added ring removal to the game to provide a sense of time pressure.  Ring removal was a feature that was removed, but provided a framework for bringing tiles back when we decided to prevent islands from forming.  I helped fix a few features that had been added to the game including the slow mechanic and bombs.

February 2, 2015 – February 6, 2015

I began playing the game during class hours with production to figure out how to make the game better.  Delivery systems were mentioned by faculty, so I worked during the weekend to get light cycles, bombs and shooting in the game as a toggle-able option in the Unity editor.

February 9, 2015 – February 13, 2015

I continued playtesting with some crazy game variants.  We tried instant permanent removal of tiles with all three delivery systems.  The game appeared to lose depth when the claiming mechanic was missing.  I explored staying with bombs only making the game closer to Bomberman as per Ryan’s suggestion.  Bomberman is a great game and Hostile Territory could go that direction, but we decided shooting provided the best play experience for our tube level.

February 17, 2015 – February 20, 2015

I built a camera that allows free flying through the tube to allow trailers to be made for GDC.  I primarily bounced around the team to help finish features.

February 23, 2015 – February 27, 2015

The week was spent getting all the required features for GDC into the game.  Playtesting continued and so did making new builds as features were finished.

March 9, 2015 – March 13, 2015

We spent time playtesting and changing variables like speed, bomb charge time and how fast bullets move.  I found a bug preventing shooting.  The targeting system had to be moved slightly.

March 16, 2015 – March 20, 2015

Momentum across the team started to slow down since the GDC ambitions died down.  New art was being created for a turret character, but wouldn’t surface for a few weeks.  Build issues were primarily UI related.  Playtesting was still going strong and balance tweaks were still occurring.

March 23, 2015 – March 27, 2015

Camera was passionately discussed.  To aid action during the meeting I proposed that we try letting the camera go outside the tube.  Transparency would allow the player to see around themselves.  Rob and I spent some time working on getting transparency into the game.  The effect was popular.

March 30, 2015 – April 3, 2015

I fixed the center point for the camera with help from Rody and Rob.  Rob was able to finish the turret animation script.  I added shooting to the turret along the laser sight.  We fixed minor issues that arose from the turret.

April 6, 2015 – April 10, 2015

More balancing through playtesting occurred with the new turret and transparent tube.  The ideas were well received.  There was still talk about being able to shoot independent of view, but the game played well with the new camera.  I attempted to put together solutions for view independent shooting, but didn’t find something that worked well.

April 13, 2015 – April 17, 2015

I realized I had a major problem in game engineering.  I was behind to February assignments.  I spent time balancing and playtesting during class hours.  I spent the rest of my time working on game engineering homework.

April 20, 2015 – April 24, 2015

We finished balancing and packaging for EAE Fest.  I fixed any build related issues that existed and made sure the game was presentable.  I also helped add some last minute sounds to the game.  The result for the sound was not perfect, but it worked for presentation.  I was proud to see Owen bring in big speakers for EAE Fest.  My mind was primarily focused on finishing my game engineering work, so I was unable to devote more time to perfecting the sound.

April 27, 2015 – April 29, 2015

The primary entry here is EAE Fest.  Hostile Territory was well received.  The response surprised members of my team, but I blame all the playtesting with Rody for the state of the game by the end.  The art and sound were amazing.  The entire team pulled together well to put on a good show.  I was also able to finish my game engineering work.

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