Team Dynamics

The Hostile Territory team iterated very quickly after winter break.  I blame fewer restrictions on design and more acceptance of any contribution.  During the fall we had contributions being managed at the code level which meant that if the person reviewing code didn’t like the name of a variable time would be taken to change that variable or the structure put in place by some other engineer on the team.  As a result team members were constantly trying to relearn the code base which took time away from iteration.

The system we used after winter break was to have a continuous build process.  Code was reviewed for the build only if it prevented the game from functioning correctly.  I ran the build review process and made sure that everything worked so we could have a build ready on the next class day.  The process helped engineers focus on tasks assigned to them by Triston.  Each engineer also knew that they could contribute more to the project and it would be reviewed by the entire team as soon as the next build came out.

I would like to continue working toward finding strong solutions to build pipelines and engineer management.  The solution we found during spring semester worked well for our team size.  Sometimes experimental features were cut, but moral remained high.  Affording more freedom to contributions allowed shining experimental features like jump distortion to move forward.

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