One week left in the GDC count down

Hostile Territory has been progressing well.  Iteration time is quick.  The team is working well together.  The engineers have consistently delivered new features.  The team has also been working closer with faculty for thoughts on how to best improve Hostile Territory.

I have been working closely with Rody, Allen and Topher from production to find the fun in Hostile Territory.  I built bomb and light cycle mechanics when Ryan and Jose mentioned them to the team.  Bombs explode after a timer elapses and take an area around them.    I also helped finish a speed up and slow down mechanic that Triston started work on.

The team was supposed to decide on the best delivery method.  Rody, Allen, Topher and myself spent a lot of time changing the mechanic to determine which one was most fun.  Among our trials were a light cycle mode that removed tiles instead of coloring them, shooting that removed tiles instead of coloring, bombs that removed instead of coloring, turning colored tiles on and off, removing colored tiles permanently and mixing and matching delivery methods.  Showcasing the build with everything and coloring to Ryan and Jose garnered the response that we should keep everything.  We proceeded.  Last week Ryan mentioned that we should focus on one delivery method.  The team is unsure which method to keep.  I think Rody has been leaning toward keeping all the delivery methods.

I worked with Peijun on getting rounds implemented.  Rounds restart the game anytime a player dies.  On player death the other player gains a point.  If either player hits three points then the game was supposed to end.  There were issues with some of the other code, so George has been looking into fixing the issue.  Whether the issue is fixed remains unknown due to build issues.

I built a camera for making trailers.  The camera currently prevents movement of the players when active.  Rody mentioned we probably want the camera to allow player movement, so I am working on building a camera to fix the issue.

I have been bouncing around the team working to support engineers that need assistance.  I have also been responsible for the build.  If the build is broken I spend time tracking down the issue.  If I can’t solve the issue I contact the person that made the offending commit to work together to solve the issue.

Working up to GDC I am trying to get my work done for Hostile Territory in addition to game engineering and data mining class.  I have also been trying to maintain my work-life balance.  I am excited for GDC and graduation.  I am grateful for all the progress made on Hostile Territory over the last two months.

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