Maze Game?

My team has a new design for the prototype being created in parallel to button. I encouraged my team to have someone be arbiter and own the idea. I also encouraged my team to set a time limit on the design meeting. My team was effective when given a thirty minute time limit and Rachel as arbiter. Rachel did a great job cutting the fat and motivating the conversation. After the meeting I began building a maze with walls that the player can walk through. I built a maze out of solid and walk through walls. I built floor tiles with parameters on the direction that capsules can move from the specified location. I added generation of a capsule when the fire button is clicked, but the capsule does not move yet. I imagine the system will act as a systolic array with each floor tile feeding the next floor tile. I have used systolic arrays as a hardware method to do matrix multiplication, so it will be nice to implement a similar system.

I have learned large teams have focus problems. Democracy is a bad process when focus is required. Autocracy reigns supreme when a group needs to be organized in a short amount of time. Autocracy does not sacrifice flexibility so long as leadership maintains a directed thoughtfulness making appropriate cuts when an idea does not work. I am still learning when to assume the role of autocrat and when to be an engineering representative on a council.

I play a lot of Civilization 5. The quote from Leonard Bernstein on completion of Big Ben expresses my concern: “To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan, and not quite enough time”. The problem with the project prior to today was the lack of a plan. Democracy is at fault, since everyone has an idea. Autocracy therefore may be better to begin a project. Once established the project might benefit from democracy since the product can serve the role of autocrat.


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  1. That’s a really good way of looking at it, and I agree with you. The autocracy aspect of prototyping with an idea that the team created can be hard for others to accept, sometimes, but as the prototype progresses and it is shown to be an effective system, I believe it will be easier for the team. Here’s hoping, at any rate! 🙂

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