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Game Engineering 3 Assignment 1


Camera Movement:  Arrow Keys and Insert and Delete

Camera Rotation:  I, J, K, L, U and M.


The scope of assignment 1 was to load a scene from Maya and get a fly camera into the game.


My aim for the first assignment was to update my game controllers, load the scene from Maya and get a fly camera.


I overhauled my actor class to use the new key value pair system that is part of my scene file.  As a result actors now have controllers which are registered with the world system and perform specific operations on that in game actor.  Classes of controllers actors have include information, input, movement and rendering.

Implementing the fly camera involved creating a controller called GetBasis.  The controller uses the camera rotation to find the forward, right and up vectors for the camera.  The controller updates information on the camera actor which is passed to input and movement controllers.

The Maya Exporter needed updating in order to export a scene from Maya.  I updated the Maya Exporter to export each mesh as a single mesh.  I obtained the mesh and material information in code and saved that data to a scene file.  My asset build list was updated using the Reloader tool I built last semester.  There were 1120 meshes in the scene, so entering that information by hand would have been silly.

The new scene exported using Maya and imported using the my engine's scene system.The new scene exported using Maya and imported using the my engine’s scene system.

Time Estimate

The workload was hefty.  I expect that the extra effort I am putting in now will save time later in the semester.  The game and engine split is feeling much better in the current iteration.

Activity Time Spent Estimate
Implementing actor key value pair and controller system 15 hours
Updating Maya Exporter to export single meshes and scene data 8 hours
Adding the fly camera controllers 3 hours
Write up 1 hour
Total 27 hours