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Fifth Team Formation, Constitution and Aims

The Entertainment Arts and Engineering graduate program is an opportunity to explore and push the boundaries of game development.  The fifth team is pushing the boundaries of game development in the area of rapid prototyping.  The aims of the fifth team is to prototype a game a week through July, have a feature complete game by August and have a game ready for submission by mid October.

I am currently looking for two producers, one engineer and two artist.  I do not want any of the four currently established teams to drop below ten members.  The team may bring on more people so long as integrity of the established teams is maintained.

The time commitment is three hours on Monday through Friday starting July 7th.  If interested please contact me directly by e-mail at  Please specify why you would like to join the fifth team in the e-mail.

The fifth team will be ran by the members and include a written constitution outlining goals, ideas, expectations and values.  I have formed a draft of the constitution as an open document.  The fifth team will continue to revise and strengthen our constitution.  Please find the draft version below.


The members of the fifth team, in seeking to establish a game development team where openness and creativity thrive, establish the constitution of the fifth team.


  • Transparency
  • Efficiency
  • Cooperation


  1. We value building a team.  We believe lifting each other up allows the team to create a better game.
  2. We value effective solutions to meet the needs of production, engineering and art.  We believe the most effective solution may not be our own.
  3. We value rapid prototyping of ideas.  We believe a prototype provides the strongest evidence of the worth of an idea.
  4. We value listening to every member of the team.  We believe each member has meaningful insight.
  5. We value honesty.  We believe each team member has a duty to be honest to the team.
  6. We value working together.  We believe effective work is done in teams that directly communicate while working.
  7. We value faculty mentors.  We believe our faculty mentors have our best interest in mind and would like to see our team succeed.


  1. We expect to put our best effort into building a team and game.
  2. We expect to learn and foster an environment for learning.
  3. We expect to have at least four prototypes by August 1st, have a feature complete game by August 22nd and an IGF worthy submission by October 15th (Based on submission date of October 31st for IGF 2014).
  4. We expect to resolve conflicts through asking questions to gain an understanding and choosing the best solution for the team even if it is not our own.
  5. We expect to meet online on week days starting July 7th until August 22nd in the evenings.  If there is a meeting we have to miss we will inform the team at least a day in advance.
  6. We expect to explore and research rapid prototyping and game development.  We understand to explore and research we need to be open to discussion of ideas.
  7. We expect all members of our team to do well in other classes.  We will assist any members of the team that have fallen behind in other classes to ensure our team is working at peak efficiency.
  8. We expect to work during the week and have weekends free for other pursuits.


  1. The week of July 7th through July 11th will culminate in the creation of our first prototype.
  2. The week of July 14th through July 18th will culminate in the creation of our second prototype.
  3. The week of July 21 through July 25th will culminate in the creation of our third prototype.
  4. The week of July 28th through August 1st will culminate in the creation of our forth prototype.
  5. On August 2nd we will be holding an event with light refreshments in the north lab.  During the event we will move forward with only one prototype.
  6. The week days of August 4th through August 22nd are work days toward making the prototype feature complete.
  7. On August 25th we begin the new semester.  We will build a schedule around classes and other occupations ensuring we can work together.  Work sessions will be in person as a group.

-Four Week Prototype Plan-

  1. We will be using a voice-over-IP service for communication.
  2. We will meet on week days at 6:00 PM MST and end at 9:00 PM MST.
  3. We will playtest our works every day at 8:15 PM MST for a half hour.
  4. We will blog about our development experience and directions every day at 8:45 PM MST for fifteen minutes.
  5. We will be aggressive in decision making.  We want to push rapid prototyping to a new level.


I look forward to growing as game developers with the fifth team.  I know we can accomplish great things.  I am excited about the fifth team and fall 2014.