My Contribution to the Project

For the Third Rapid Prototyping project I worked on the following.

  • I (The patrolling of the vehicles)
  • Selection of different vehicles and showing that they are selected
  • Using left click mouse button to point the vehicle to its target and using right click mouse button to cancel the target path
  • The camera movement and the zooming
  • Helped Bob in creating the city
  • Helped Arturo in displaying the count of the vehicles (vehicle tracking)
  • User Interface (start screen, exit screen, win screen).

What would I do next time?

I would like to handle the animation scripts next time.

What did I learn from participating in this process?

Positive lessons learned

  • Working with a team at a professional level.
  • Time management.
  • Thought process of other teammates.
  • Even though the scope of the project which we thought of is really big we did our best to complete on time.
  • Using of Navigation Mesh in unity.
  • Using Canvas for GUI which is a new feature.

Negative lessons learned

  • We had overlapping in the works, so there was redundancy in the works which we did.


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