2nd Prototype



My Contribution to the Project

For the second Rapid Prototyping project I worked on the following.

  • The basic UI, Boot-Loader, Start Menu, Level Selection.

What would I do next time?

I would like to handle the animation scripts next time.

What did I learn from participating in this process?

Positive lessons learned

  • Working with a team at a professional level.
  • Time management.
  • Thought process of other teammates.
  • Things that are needed to improve the gameplay with the ideas we have, which can be developed in time.
  • Not complicating the project more than it is necessary.
  • Using a level editor.

Negative lessons learned

  • Even though we completed our prototype early we didn’t concentrate on adding new features.

Input form EAE faculty

I think that the faculty did a great job in giving feedback on what features we should concentrate on doing, because since this prototype is a rip-off of an arcade game, we had many ideas as extension but we were told what is necessary to complete the project in time.


For this prototype I would grade myself an A- to B because I was not available for the team meetings during the last week of the project due to fever and moreover there is always a chance of improvement.