Brute Force – Rapid Prototyping (Team 1)

My Contribution to the Project

For the first Rapid Prototyping project “Brute Force” I worked on the following.

  • A camera which follows the player at all times. To implement this I created a Matrix which will be updated every frame according to the players ‘X’ positon, because the player in the game moves only in that direction. I also have created a viewport that defines the screen dimensions and only draws the objects that are in the dimensions of viewport. I also positioned the camera to always look at the center of the screen.
  • Positioned the background textures and restricted the player’s movement and camera movement beyond these textures.
  • With the audio files that Spencer Nielson gave me I added the audio for the game like the sound of player shooting, background music and the music after death.
  • Worked on the reset code for the game that is if the player dies he, camera and AI need to reset to their original position.
  • Worked on the scoring system, so if the player kills thug he gets +100 points where as if he kills and innocent he gets -200 and an image of brutality pops up.
  • Yash Bangera and I implemented a part of death screen where if the player dies a random image of either civilian or thug pops up on the screen, later I added the scores to show up even in the death screen.
  • Yash Bangera and I worked on the User Interface in which the player can select to play the game or quit the game using the arrow keys and hitting enter. The highlighted text will be in yellow color while the unlighted text will be white. But we couldn’t integrate this into the game due to lack of time.

What would I do next time?

I would like to do the collisions and also help with the enemy AI and integrate the code with other programmers in the team so that we can solve the compiling issues in early stages than later.

What did I learn from participating in this process?

Positive lessons learned

  • Working with a team at a professional level.
  • Time management.
  • Thought process of other teammates.
  • Things that are needed to improve the gameplay with the ideas we have, which can be developed in time.
  • Not complicating the project more than it is necessary.

Negative lessons learned

  • We were too focused on story in the start but learnt that focusing on gameplay is more important.
  • Not using the level editor made the positioning of enemies and other textures a bit difficult in the game.
  • Aiming for more features in the game than we can complete in given time.
  • Trying to add new features for the game in the middle of the development phase.
  • Not able to complete the work until the last day of the deadline.


I feel that we did a pretty good job as this our first project , and also worked well as a team. I  think that we have achieved what we wanted to do on time and executed our idea really well even thought we had our plates full at start.