Third week

One more week finished. So tired. But We have some art for the thesis project.

About the Thesis game:

I make a style sample for the game. It’s very rough and lack of detail right now. Sample as follow.

屏幕快照 2015-09-19 下午11.01.39


It seems like Low-poly is a very efficient style to rapid create something.

屏幕快照 2015-09-19 下午11.13.02

After I show the sample to all the other teammates we have a long meeting again. We make sure that we want to keep going with this style and we need to make more assets for the game.

Actually we don’t have a detailed story for the game. What we have is gameplay mechanics. But we don’t have enough time to think about the story before IGF Deadline. So we decide to focus on the level for now. We will make a single level and make this level more fun. And we all think that attach a fantasy background  to our game would be easy for us to make stuff rapidly. My idea is we follow a very rough story structure at first.  The story like two brothers get onto a island  in order to reach somewhere to get something. This two brothers have different magic ability so that they can help each other to get through the level. And Island is the place where this game happened. We talk about the concept of the island. We think this sample could explain it well.1

The Asset list:

Trees ,rocks, bushes, mountain, characters, level layout.

I am in charge of the level layout.

See you next week.

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