New thesis game

After the industry panel, Only 5 Game project left. Unfortunately My project(out of box) doesn’t get in the final. So we have to join a game team which game is still alive.

The survived five games are Crash city, B.E.S.T, 360 over-sense, Fire fighter and ochre.

The game team I finally joined is the game Fire-fighter which gameplay based on the sound. The core mechanic is player need to listen to the sound to locate the people who trapped in the fired building and help them get out.

The reason I choose this team is because I have done the sound based game before. I am kind familiar with this kind of game design.

The week after the GDC. Our Team have a meeting. We talk about the direction we want to go in the future.keep-calm-save-child-soldiers

The first thing we make sure is that we want to transfer this game in to a entertainment game. Not Serious game any more. And then, The background change to the Colombia era. And the main character is a child soilder which want to be freedom.Player need to control the kid to escape the army and avoid being detected by the enemy solider.  It’s a Anti-war theme stealth game. And We think there are a lot of game we can learn design from it. Such as Thief, Metal gear solid, Dishonored and the Last of us.




A good start. Next week’s work for me is do some concept art for the game.

Keep going!!


Spring break

The second week after the GDC is the spring break.

I bought the UNO Game in the Smith’s market and enjoy it with my roommates at home.

Uno is a very popular card party game worldwide. It’s really really easy for everyone because of the simple rules. And also it’s a 2-10 players game. So more people can join the game. We really have fun with it.


What a good game!

what a nice week!


Do what you want to do. Don’t forget who you are and your original dream. Follow your heart.

Never give up.

The designer of the game “That dragon, cancer”, who made a game in order to memorial his son (passed away). The things I learned from him is the Game media is a good way to express yourself.

The greatest thing is I meet so many indie game developer this time. The developers of the indie game “Gemini”. These guys are all come from china. They are starting their own studio in NYC.  It’s very glad to meet them and talk with them. After I meet them I found that I belong to them.

The only company I talk about is that game company. They are hiring audio designer right now, and also if someone want to try some other position, you can recommend yourself.

Honestly to say, I don’t care the job. I want to do the indie stuff. I want to spend one or two years to be solo.

Don’t waste your time if you guys know what exactly you want.

Concept level design – Out of the box

The goal of level:
Collect the key
Arrive at the door
Open door finish the level.

How to get through the level:
1. Use compter1 to change the brightness to see the whole level.
2. Change to the black and white mode avoid being harm by harmful light
3. Get though the gap use the platform


4. Use computer 2 change the frame rate to high level. (Fps asset =2, change to 60)So player can
see platform solid moving.L0112_FrameRateslevel-frame3

5. Collect the keys through the solid moving platform
6. Get back get up use up down platform.
7. Get to the destination/
When you first get into the level, Fps=2, player can’t see the platform move, just flash.
Player can only use computer to change setting.
Asset list:
Green: Move platform
Yellow: Collectable key
Red: Harmful light
Blue: Setting computer
Green: Door


New semester!

So many class this semester Paper prototype, virtual world, Narrative in the game design, Game project 1, Game art 2, and Concept art for game design. So busy this semester, and also we have to prepare our thesis game.I decide to join out of box game project at the beginning. This is a great idea which attract me a lot.We have six guys in our team right now. Greg, Duncan, Yuchen, Anoop, will and me. What a big team. I hope we can do something this semester. Fighting!

Second week of Project 4

Mountain render副本


Some of the teammates want to try the Low poly art style.So we start to go the low-poly direction.And we spend times on the new software blender and we do some quick modeling experiment on the new style.The result is new style works well.

And we do some changes on the character design.




Project 4 start!Asia Punch

The last rapid prototype game project this semester,and this time we are required to use the unreal4 engine and find the teammates by ourself!Really cool way this time! Finally ,eight guys construct a team.Diana,Paul,Sean,Avinash,Shahbaz,hardit and me !What a big team!

Then we talk about our game idea.And we all agree to make a multi-player party game.We play some similar game in order to get some inspiration.Such as Samurai Gunn,Nidhogg.We really enjoy the multiplayer game experience.And we make sure that we want to go this direction.And also our game’s target audience is the open house guests.After that we talk about the game design,we decide to make a multiplayer combat game.According to the actions,The character in the game have several attribute to level up in game.If you keep running,the speed of the character will increase.And the same to the power of punch and etc.

After first week I do some concept art about  character in the  game.concept-artconcept art


Final-week.Project 3 Done!

Well well well!Time always goes fast.Our project three is going to the end.In this week we add pretty much thing into the game.The Engineering add many more function in to the game.Make the game more diversity.And the artist finish the whole scene of the government office, and also fix some visual problem in the game.Such as change the texture of the back board,etc. IMG_1116[1]

At the end of this week to conclude the problem we meet during the process.EXP Gained!


Anyway this is the third prototype game project we did here in EAE,I am so glad to meet all my teammates and Enjoy the process working with you guys. Thanks !

And here is the Demo video of our game.Enjoy it.