Streamline Level design

Our team member spread out the game let more people played our game. And according to the feed back, the priority for us right now is streamline the level design. And I am in charge of this.

Based on the level we have , I changed something in our level.

The Design as follow:

屏幕快照 2015-12-16 下午12.28.18

The goal of level:

Reach the destination of the level.(Arrive at the Temple)

Level map overview:

0Start from the seashore. Open the crystal gate.Enter the island.

1Found one gate locked and need key to unlock it.

2Encounter monster there. Destroy monster and get the key.

3Rolling rock hazard. Two players guide each other to hide avoid being hit by the rock.

4Easy puzzle. Two players guide each other step on the button to rise the bridge.

5Found a crystal to restore players’ state. Found the way to the temple but its blocked by some invisible magic.Found other way to get through it.

6Encounter the monster again.Destroy monster and got the new ability which oracle

player is able to see & destroy the red magic obstacles.(once you get into the area red obstacle block the way out,after battle use the new ability to destroy the obstacle.)

7Encounter the monster again.Destroy monster and got the new ability which solider player is able to see & destroy the blue magic obstacles.

8Two player destroy the obstacle together and rise the bridge to the temple.Level End.

Changes to the current level:

(1) Linear route between each level section.
(2) Enlarge the battle area, provide more area for the players. (3) New mechanics for the players pin and other stuff.(pick up) (4) Add hazard for the new level.
(5) Add puzzles.
(6) Put more landmarks in to the level.
(7) once you get in to the battle area all the way blocked.
(8) Crystal restore characters’ Health and Mana.

Some other Ideas:

More monster more battle area for players multiple choice for player to finished the game.(More than three monster, eliminate three of them and get though the game.)

More choice for players
More than 3 enemy inside the level. Kill three of them get in to the next level.

The first week after IGF

Even though we upload the Game. We still got a lot of things to do after the IGF. Such as Keep updating game for IGF & polish the game according to the feedback. And the week after the IGF submission. We have a meeting about the next step on the game.

Here are the plan for the Artist.IMG_0631 IMG_0632