Seventh week

It’s fall break week. But every team are still working on its project because of the IGF Deadline. Only got two weeks left. And every one just so pressures about theirs game. I almost finished the Level layout for the IGF. Let’s have a look.

Temple lookcapture

Overview of the mapcapture2

Fivth & Sixth Week

This two weeks our team works well together. The teammates are keep working on the game demo and every buddy are very happy about that. Working hard, finally we get something done this week and invite a bunch of players playtest our game. That is a very good news for the team. We got the feedback from the players and we got a lot of things to change. We need to add more function and feature stuff.

About the art, My mission is to keep polishing the level layout for the game. I am considering about changing the rock model and remake the whole level. Still in progress now. It’s very rough.

And also one of our member figure out a way to solve the blind guy screen problem. The video sample below.