Concept level design – Out of the box

The goal of level:
Collect the key
Arrive at the door
Open door finish the level.

How to get through the level:
1. Use compter1 to change the brightness to see the whole level.
2. Change to the black and white mode avoid being harm by harmful light
3. Get though the gap use the platform


4. Use computer 2 change the frame rate to high level. (Fps asset =2, change to 60)So player can
see platform solid moving.L0112_FrameRateslevel-frame3

5. Collect the keys through the solid moving platform
6. Get back get up use up down platform.
7. Get to the destination/
When you first get into the level, Fps=2, player can’t see the platform move, just flash.
Player can only use computer to change setting.
Asset list:
Green: Move platform
Yellow: Collectable key
Red: Harmful light
Blue: Setting computer
Green: Door