Second week of Project 4

Mountain render副本


Some of the teammates want to try the Low poly art style.So we start to go the low-poly direction.And we spend times on the new software blender and we do some quick modeling experiment on the new style.The result is new style works well.

And we do some changes on the character design.




Project 4 start!Asia Punch

The last rapid prototype game project this semester,and this time we are required to use the unreal4 engine and find the teammates by ourself!Really cool way this time! Finally ,eight guys construct a team.Diana,Paul,Sean,Avinash,Shahbaz,hardit and me !What a big team!

Then we talk about our game idea.And we all agree to make a multi-player party game.We play some similar game in order to get some inspiration.Such as Samurai Gunn,Nidhogg.We really enjoy the multiplayer game experience.And we make sure that we want to go this direction.And also our game’s target audience is the open house guests.After that we talk about the game design,we decide to make a multiplayer combat game.According to the actions,The character in the game have several attribute to level up in game.If you keep running,the speed of the character will increase.And the same to the power of punch and etc.

After first week I do some concept art about  character in the  game.concept-artconcept art