Rapid Prototype-Project 3

New Team Again! It is so fast that 8 weeks past.There are six guys in our team this time: Laurie, Omey, Tejas,Diana,Lawrence And me.And this time,We are required to use unity3d to make a Series game.

First,Let me post our brainstorm picture.IMG_0159


We spent Long time on theme choice, We came up so many ideas ,such as ebola virus,Teen rape issue,Glass house and Hospital care etc.Finally we choose the Glass house as our game ‘s theme,Let’s look at the pictures.


In our game,The player play the role of agent which work in the government,His/Her job is to watch over citizens’ connection record in order to make sure there are no terrorists  planning some horror activity.So here is the question !”Does monitoring individual communications give an illusion of control?”Yes, this is a very series question?Are we safe?Can we keep private when we do some communication with others?

In the game,Players’s goal is to find out the potential terrorist by checking out the citizen’s communication records,such as e-mail,phone call or the messages people send.And this is the concept art about  the game.


From my opinion ,This is a very good idea to be made into a game,And it sounds like the “stanley parable”Plus “paper please”.

But I like it.Hope to make something extraordinary!

Second week of project

Second week of the project I trying to make some character of the game.We want to add some kid in to the original tapper game. The thing is player should divide the kid and the adult.And there will be a police there watch this.Bartender can’t pass the bear to the kid,Or you will lose your life.The bartender only got three life.So I did some character concept first.Keep going!kid-character concept-2

The first week of Second project

Second game project required us to choose an arcade game comes out in 1983 and based on it to design a whole new game .After Meeting our team decide to choose the Arcade game <tapper>.RootBeerTapperGameplay

At the very beginning we consider to change the game into a space version game.And i did some concept work about the game.But unfortunately the producer chenge the background of the game.So we just drop this version.Never mind , we can do some other stuff.