Nice to meet you all!

Hi,  I am Robert Zhu. It seems like most of people have post something on the blogs. I hope it’s not late to post this. Anyway, I am very happy come to here and start my graduate study here. To be a Game Designer always be my dream. Because My undergraduate’s major is also the Game design, so I have four year experiences on Game developing. I came here because I want to change a place and focus on designing game.

From my perspective, the Game is the ninth Art in the world.It is a kind of ultimate media form.Game is not only for entertainment, Designing game is also a way to transfer emotions to people. Just like the Book ,the film did. And also Game has its own characteristic which is Interactive. Because of this, I see infinite possibility to the game.So that’s why i am here try to realize my dream.I want to use the game to change the world .So I will devote my whole life to do this.This is what i want to do. I hope more and more people join me and let’s change the world!