Streamline Level design

Our team member spread out the game let more people played our game. And according to the feed back, the priority for us right now is streamline the level design. And I am in charge of this.

Based on the level we have , I changed something in our level.

The Design as follow:

屏幕快照 2015-12-16 下午12.28.18

The goal of level:

Reach the destination of the level.(Arrive at the Temple)

Level map overview:

0Start from the seashore. Open the crystal gate.Enter the island.

1Found one gate locked and need key to unlock it.

2Encounter monster there. Destroy monster and get the key.

3Rolling rock hazard. Two players guide each other to hide avoid being hit by the rock.

4Easy puzzle. Two players guide each other step on the button to rise the bridge.

5Found a crystal to restore players’ state. Found the way to the temple but its blocked by some invisible magic.Found other way to get through it.

6Encounter the monster again.Destroy monster and got the new ability which oracle

player is able to see & destroy the red magic obstacles.(once you get into the area red obstacle block the way out,after battle use the new ability to destroy the obstacle.)

7Encounter the monster again.Destroy monster and got the new ability which solider player is able to see & destroy the blue magic obstacles.

8Two player destroy the obstacle together and rise the bridge to the temple.Level End.

Changes to the current level:

(1) Linear route between each level section.
(2) Enlarge the battle area, provide more area for the players. (3) New mechanics for the players pin and other stuff.(pick up) (4) Add hazard for the new level.
(5) Add puzzles.
(6) Put more landmarks in to the level.
(7) once you get in to the battle area all the way blocked.
(8) Crystal restore characters’ Health and Mana.

Some other Ideas:

More monster more battle area for players multiple choice for player to finished the game.(More than three monster, eliminate three of them and get though the game.)

More choice for players
More than 3 enemy inside the level. Kill three of them get in to the next level.

The first week after IGF

Even though we upload the Game. We still got a lot of things to do after the IGF. Such as Keep updating game for IGF & polish the game according to the feedback. And the week after the IGF submission. We have a meeting about the next step on the game.

Here are the plan for the Artist.IMG_0631 IMG_0632

Seventh week

It’s fall break week. But every team are still working on its project because of the IGF Deadline. Only got two weeks left. And every one just so pressures about theirs game. I almost finished the Level layout for the IGF. Let’s have a look.

Temple lookcapture

Overview of the mapcapture2

Fivth & Sixth Week

This two weeks our team works well together. The teammates are keep working on the game demo and every buddy are very happy about that. Working hard, finally we get something done this week and invite a bunch of players playtest our game. That is a very good news for the team. We got the feedback from the players and we got a lot of things to change. We need to add more function and feature stuff.

About the art, My mission is to keep polishing the level layout for the game. I am considering about changing the rock model and remake the whole level. Still in progress now. It’s very rough.

And also one of our member figure out a way to solve the blind guy screen problem. The video sample below.

The forth week

One more week done.

Thesis game:

This week we have a level demo for our game. Even though it is rough, But we have a playable demo with visual part.

We have a design meeting about the level stuff. We make sure the level design for IGF application. 11057862_895557480529835_8228455542597082191_oThe Art process:

Polish the level a little bit. Add some asset like statue &bushes. Ps: I download the angel statue model on the asset store. But we will definitely change that model. Add the target place to the level. 9.20leveldemo2green target on the different side of the game.

9.20-level-demoAnd we regular the file format in the unity. Keep it simple and easy to use.


Third week

One more week finished. So tired. But We have some art for the thesis project.

About the Thesis game:

I make a style sample for the game. It’s very rough and lack of detail right now. Sample as follow.

屏幕快照 2015-09-19 下午11.01.39


It seems like Low-poly is a very efficient style to rapid create something.

屏幕快照 2015-09-19 下午11.13.02

After I show the sample to all the other teammates we have a long meeting again. We make sure that we want to keep going with this style and we need to make more assets for the game.

Actually we don’t have a detailed story for the game. What we have is gameplay mechanics. But we don’t have enough time to think about the story before IGF Deadline. So we decide to focus on the level for now. We will make a single level and make this level more fun. And we all think that attach a fantasy background  to our game would be easy for us to make stuff rapidly. My idea is we follow a very rough story structure at first.  The story like two brothers get onto a island  in order to reach somewhere to get something. This two brothers have different magic ability so that they can help each other to get through the level. And Island is the place where this game happened. We talk about the concept of the island. We think this sample could explain it well.1

The Asset list:

Trees ,rocks, bushes, mountain, characters, level layout.

I am in charge of the level layout.

See you next week.

Whole new start

It’s so busy at the beginning of this semester. I spent almost two weeks to settle everything done. I got a job in Gapp Lab. That’s mean I have to wake up early for work everyday. So much pressures.

And let’s talk about the thesis project this semester.

I meet the teammates Once I came back to school. I learned that our project change a lot during the summer.  We almost dropped  all the stuff we made last semester. It’s not a small thing. We need to face more pressure. Especially the art. We don’t have anything about the new game idea right now. So the  first thing we decide to do is make sure our art direction. And try to make a new level for IGF ASAP.

Here are some sample style we may follow.1_lost_sounds_adventures_of_poco_eco

Game:Lost sounds






Three amazing games. Looks amazing. Are all simple and elegant. Low-poly style with hand painting or illustration texture. After meeting about the style. We finally decide to follow the first game’s style the low-poly art. Then we separate the mission for each artist. Time is limited. Cheer up!


EAE Day!!!!! What a great day of the EAE program.

Lots of people come to play our game just like the EAE Night last semester.

We got a lot of feed back from the player. And we also saw some familiar faces.

Our Thesis game

11203127_1062367207111053_7188189307936120167_n 11138638_1062367480444359_1360845872844852614_n 11078091_1062367283777712_2540890318443674540_n 10384379_1062367397111034_7777543781252406959_n

Gapp Lab’s Ski-simulator game which made for the disabled people. Breath in & breath out to control the skateboard to change the direction.