While the Cat’s Away, this Mouse Worked!

While everyone was at GDC last week, I remained behind. Not because I wanted to stay home and take a break to play games waiting to still be open on my shelf. Instead, I was fighting the good fight for Disney Interactive. Sadly, I can’t reveal what I am working on, anything fun and exciting I get to do. No, I am under legal contract to bite my tongue. Nevertheless, I worked hard like a 24/7 Battlefield 4 server last week. Since last December, I’ve occupied a position vacated by a producer. This intern thus is a supersaver production assistant for the Disney Infinity franchise and hopefully this hard work has been noted along the way.

Well hopefully tomorrow everyone will regale me with stories of GDC and how much fun they had. Although I did miss going to that awesome conference, it is great to be working in the industry and seeing how the sausage is actually made. No matter what the future holds, I hope that what I learning as a student and as a professional will aid me for the rest of my career.

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