The Week That Was: Getting Harder to Find Something to Write About Edition

As we reach the final days for completing our time in the program, it is becoming more difficult to cover a specific topic. Since our game is almost golden and ready to ship, there is not much major updates or significant changes to relate. Therefore, instead of relating information like in past posts, this week,I will relate the week’s happenings like an old RKO news brief — that analogy predates me too!

Well this week we focused on juicing up our game as well as bug squashing. Our artist Rob created a new jump animation as well as added some FX to the jump. He also is creating a disintegration of the avatar when it dies. So far, these changes are making the game appear more solid than it did a month ago.

I began focusing this past week on the all-hands meeting by creating the presentation around our gold build. This presentation will focus on celebrating the growth of the game over the past year. While also working on this presentation, we continued to solidify our thesis game presentation. The thesis celebration, unlike the final all-hands presentation, will cover not just on the game, but us as students. I want to present the challenges we faced, what we did to overcome them, and in the end what we learned through the process of making a published game. The central idea is to celebrate us as students and the lessons we will take into the professional industry.

And to begin relating our journey and what we have done, on Tuesday we will have everyone on the team bring in a slide with a few details on what they contributed as well as what they learned as a result of our time in the program. What we hope to accomplish through the creation of the slide a few weeks before the thesis presentation, is to allow us the opportunity help everyone on the team contemplate what each person has done, eliminate any redundancies with everyone’s part in the presentation, and help focus the content in a 30-second to one-minute timeframe. Thesis presentation is in motion so stay tuned.

I can’t believe I was able to write so much this week. Well I hope next week I will present something more significant. But for now, as we reach the end, we are quickly reaching the end and that is making for a smooth ride towards the finish. It’s almost over and the final three weeks will reveal how far we have come in over one year’s time.

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