The Finish Line is in Sight

This past week was all about finalizing our game. Specifically, we focused on submission and composing the final two presentations. To begin, we finally received the specifics as to what Desura wanted changed for our game to pass submission. Luckily, the main issue noted by Desura is to include a tutorial to help gamers understand the gist of our game. Topher has taken the initiative to create a video detailing how to play our game Hostile Territory. We will implement the video this Tuesday with the necessary UI so we can resubmit our game and hopefully publish it before we graduate.

Also this week I spent much of my time working on our final two presentations. The first presentation is our last All-Hands meeting. Before Thursday, I took on the task for creating and presenting the entire presentation. Since the theme of the presentation is around the game going gold, I purposely made the presentation around the evolution of our game to what it is today. It was my desire to center the the content around the growth of our game and not necessarily about us as students.

However, last minute we learned that the faculty desired this to be a dry-run for our thesis presentation. At first we were panicked since we had a presentation already and as a result of their change of heart, we needed to create a new one  to accommodate our faculty’s late request. Luckily, Allen was able to negotiate with Jose that we continue with the presentation I had composed. But to satisfy the faculty’s demands, instead of only me presenting, all the leads would have an opportunity to speak about their areas role in the evolution of our game. I am happy for this compromise since I spent hours working on the presentation and would not have wanted much of it thrown away. I’m am very happy the faculty worked with us so we can not only satisfy their desires, but also allow us to give a good presentation.

This week we also continued conceptualizing the thesis presentation. My goal is to center the thesis presentation less about our game but more about us as students. It became a hot topic on Tuesday. So much so, that even Ryan added his two cents on how we should go about creating it. His suggestion was to have everyone on our team speak when addressing their specific areas instead of just the producers providing the bulk of the presentation and then having the rest of the team individual speak about his or her contribution to the final game. Even though I was opposed to it at first since it would take a bit more time to organized, it seemed to be the best option to allow everyone a moment to shine. As a result, we decided to compose our presentation around Ryan’s game plan. Well played Ryan, well played.

The program is reaching its climax and we are at the cusp of its completion. My only regret at this point is that I wish we had more time to work on our game. This semester our game finally became a game we can be proud of. But instead of feeling like a complete game, it’s merely a vertical slice of how cool our game could be in the long run. It’s there, we just need more time to make it a complete experience. we found the fun. Even my fellow cohort has been having enjoying playing it. Just wish we had more time to make it go from fun to memorable. So close.

Well stay tuned for my last two blog posts. The journey is just about over. I need to invest in many tissue boxes soon.

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