Submission & Other Happenings This Week

Everything is beginning to move fast. The close we get to the end of our time in the EAE program, the faster it seems to go. OK, now onto this week’s happenings.

On Thursday, we finally submitted our game for publishing. We decided to submit our game to Desura, which is a popular hub for indie and student games. This is a great outlet for us to publish our game as well as a great platform to show off it off to future employers and gamers. Hopefully the process for approval doesn’t take too long so that we can make our launch date of April 28th, which is also our final EAE Open House to show off our game.

Furthermore, this week I started creating a “flat” level for our game. I doing my best to create a flat level that takes us beyond the cylinder and adds to the game. I really desire that our game feature another level before we all go our separate ways post graduation. As a result, I am doing my best to see how well a flat level will work within our core mechanics. Stay tuned to this goal.

We are also contemplating including network in a our final, launch day build. We had a great discussion on Thursday as to how this would look design wise. I believe that a simple network of a host/client relationship between players would work great for our game as well as make the game more enjoyable overall. Hopefully we would be able to surpass the technical limitations and time constraints we are all under — we graduate on May 8th, CRAZY!

Well, here we are in the final weeks in the program. Like I noted in previous posts, it is amazing to think the journey is about to come to an end. I have learned so much about myself and the process for making a game. Noting my time here and how much I’ve grown as a designer and producer, there is a great reason why we are the best graduate game development program as noted by the Princeton Review (You can read about our #1 ranking here).

And here is a link of me and my team featured on the local Fox 13 News regarding our #1 ranked program here at the University of Utah. Enjoy!

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