Submission Approved! Our Baby is All Grown Up

The big news for our game this week is that Desura officially approved our submission. After the long year and half of working on this game, it is finally ready for primetime. The moment we’ve been waiting for is finally upon us. We’re releasing Hostile Territory into the wild. As a result of being accepted for submission, we spent much of the week fine tuning and including the new tutorial in our game for our launch day build. We also worked on the game’s music so that as players come closer together, the more intense the music becomes. Owen has done an amazing job with the music and this easily shows why he works at EA as a sound designer. The game has come a long way this semester and we have so much to be proud of as a team. It’s exciting to see it finally available for people to enjoy!

This week we also spent much of our time putting fine tuning our thesis defense. On Tuesday, we presented a mock version of our thesis defense to the projects faculty. Although we were told last minute we would use the time normally reserved for our All-Hands Meeting as an opportunity for a mock thesis presentation, and at the time I wasn’t too happy about it, it was definitely worth our time since we received useful feedback. In addition, it was great that the faculty provided a 1 on 1 feedback rather than as a whole class. This made the setting intimate and the feedback much easier to receive. It was a great opportunity to evaluate what we roughly put together and determine what we can do in the next week and a half to improve it.

Well it is almost finished. Next week I will be writing my final blog post. As I come close to this end I am reminded of the long journey. As Jose noted today, these blogs are for us to reflect on what we have done. With that said, I hope to one day, long in the future, read some of these blogs and be reminded of this challenging, but yet enjoyable journey. And I hope in my distant future self that I will remember these wonderful times with the friends I have been fortunate to have made along the way. I’ll definitely drink to that!

Stay tuned to the final installment. The journey has come full circle.

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