Stockholm Syndrome?: The Week That Was

This week felt strange to me. On Tuesday, as we sat discussing GDC experience for those who were there, it was the first time I felt sad that this long journey was is coming to end. Maybe I’m experiencing a bit of Stockholm Syndrome, finally identifying with my captors, or just feeling solidarity with those who’ve survived this long journey, whatever the case may be I felt sorrow that the experiences I shared with some of the best people I have been lucky enough to enjoy will all soon be over. But no matter what the depressing feelings meant, it steamrolled my week.

Well this post will not be about saying goodbye just yet. Hell, we still have a game to finish. To get back to our game, one of the accomplishments this week is that we refined our camera. Finally, people spoke positively about what we were doing with it and felt it was making our game better. Mark this week was very adamant to fix our camera and we finally are reaching a happy medium that makes this experience feel much better.

This week we also began making plans for publishing. As producers, we have discussed the idea of publishing in the past and with the team, but now we commenced with finalizing these plans. At this time, we are going to shoot for the online hub Desura to publish our game. We are hoping to officially begin the publication process on the week we return from Spring Break. It is our goal to get through the process and ultimately publish our game at the end of this semester.

We also started scoping out what we want to present for our thesis defense. Since all the producers on our team are now full-time in the industry, I pushed for us beginning to imagine how we would like to approach it. I, along with Topher, outlined how we could present our game to the faculty and fellow students. We want to use this outline as an evolving template so that we can create the best thesis defense presentation we can.

Well the week that was is bringing forth the future that will be. Crazy to think of how far we have come and how much further we still need to go. It’s been an interesting journey to say the least, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Please continue following my posts as the journey reaches it’s finale.


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