Protocol: Transcendence

Protocol: Transcendence 

Protocol: Transcendence is an exciting stealth game for Windows 8 and Windows Mobile platforms. The game places the player in the role of a janitorial drone working on a government ship.  This drone has been recruited by a rebellion to ascertain important government documents. The drone must use the environment and various power-ups to evade detection, and thus get the documents before being discovered!

Basic Playthrough
The player will begin at a designated starting point and will need to find a designated item before exiting the level, which will is a designated location revealed after ascertaining the item. The player will move the drone, in a similar fashion as the movement found in action RPGs such as Diablo, through the spaceship attempting to locate the assigned item. The player will need to hide from security drones patrolling in the level. In order to accomplish the mission, the drone can deploy several abilities to avoid detection such as employing a decoy to throw off the enemies and using an EMP blast to disable a security drone for a brief time. After the player locates the item, the player will need to locate the exit point in order to progress to the next level.

You can download the game from the Windows 8 App Store using the link below:

Awards: Winner of the MoDev Windows 10K App Contest

Development Team:

  • Saumya Mukul — Engineer
  • Rody Rodriguez¬†— Producer
  • Dayna Stevenson — Engineer
  • Shane Sumsion — Artist
  • Travis Turner — Producer
  • Yuan Jun Zhu (Sty) — Engineer

Example Gameplay:

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