Prototype #3: Get the F@#* Off My Lawn!

Get the F@#* Off My Lawn!

Grumpier Old Men meets tower defense with a touch off Halloween! Get the F@#* Off My Lawn! is a tower defense PC game that places the player in the role of a Grumpy Old Man. He desires to prevent children from reaching his home’s door on Halloween night by any means possible. The game draws inspiration from Warcraft 3, Kingdom Rush, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Ed Emberly’s art style. The game is intended for people with a sense of humor.

Development Team:

  • Topher Nadauld — Producer
  • Nancy Newren — Engineer
  • Tyler Ricks — Artist
  • Rody Rodriguez — Producer
  • Yuan Jun Zhu (Sty) — Engineer

Example Gameplay:

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