Weeks 11 and 12 – Polish, polish, polish, and watermelon

This was a rough couple of weeks. I got seriously ill last week so my productivity was below what it should have been. I also missed out on going to a very cool competition with Tina called Different Games. I was really looking forward to it too. 🙁

What I was able to accomplish was more little stuff like fixing menus and getting the narrative bookends built and implemented (those are actually still in progress).  My biggest challenge has been getting the tutorial level built, it originally started as a project for Virtual Worlds class, but when no one else really wanted to do the tutorial level I jumped at the chance.

404Sight_Tutorial-01    Screenshot 2015-04-08 16.34.28

Getting that just right took a little time, mostly because of the jumps, the rest is pretty straightforward. I’ll be playtesting it like crazy to make sure it conveys the right information at the right time. The biggest problem I’ve seen in the previous playtests is that players have a hard time distinguishing the manual jumps from the launches, so a big part of this level is teaching and reinforcing when to expect the manual jump vs a launch pad (spoiler, it has to do with verticality).

We have so many levels now, it’s crazy. The whole game will have 14-16 levels, for a total play time of around 20 minutes, which is awesome and exactly what we were planning on. All these levels need to be dressed and tested about a billion times, so that’s what the team will be doing this weekend.

There’s a lot happening and it’s all happening really fast. We are absolutely dedicated to getting this thing out on the 16th no matter what, and that’s going to mean a couple late nights this week. I’m grateful that we don’t crunch very much, and when we do, it’s generally really short, and pretty fun.


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