Weeks 11 & 12 – Post IGF, a build among us, and comfort food for finals.

Yet another dual post. Seems to be the norm these days. I’m fighting a bit of burnout, so this will be a post about all the cool stuff that has happened in the last couple weeks.

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To celebrate our IGF submission and to blow off some steam before doing our post-mortem, Tina had the brilliant idea of party hats, RY glasses (Imma let you finish Kanye, but Retro Yeti had the best of use those shades ever), and a pinata. We went outside, hit some stuff, and had a good ol’ time.


After that, the painful part. The post-mortem. What worked, what didn’t work, and what we can do differently. Here’s a little of what that looked like:Photo Nov 04, 9 55 04 AM


After the post-mortem, we got to work on the list for the next sprint, the deadline being the EAE Open House on December 12. As you can see, the art list is quite intense. Doable, but intense.

Photo Nov 04, 11 21 47 AM (1) Photo Nov 04, 11 21 52 AM (1)


One of the things that have made us so successful as a team is that we are probably the epitome of agile. We have almost no documentation, we abandoned Hansoft and any form of electronic task management weeks ago, and for the most part the only time the team is in the same room is during class. And yet everyone has a deep understanding of what our game is, the engine, their current tasks, and even what everyone else is doing. Even though we aren’t all in the same room, the entire team is really diligent about working outside of class. I think the only time I haven’t seen anyone else on Slack (our team communication tool) is at like 6am. And it’s not even in-engine things that are happening, there’s design stuff, research, concept work, learning new software, social media tracking, all kinds of stuff. But that is what is necessary to get this game up to where it needs to be, and we are committed to doing that. Which is a really good feeling when everyone is on board.

This week also saw some design revisions, Kyle has been hard at work designing a way to make the foresight ability – now referred to as the Ping – a more useful and beneficial ability. The new idea is the ability would go out and then come back to the player, behaving as a real “ping” might when testing internet speeds. The new feature that Kyle added is similar to the active reload ability in Gears of War, so when the ping comes back, if you hit it at just the right moment, you are rewarded with a larger range of revealed tiles. So far it’s pretty neat, I can’t wait to playtest it.

We also had a significant amount of press in the last two weeks including two Let’s Play videos (Here and Here), President Obama announced his support for Net Neutrality which resulted in some traction for us, and we made some media appearances on Radio From Hell and at the Pushbutton Summit (pics below).

Photo Nov 05, 9 01 37 AM (1)10505345_10152830655967878_7676150100417933176_n

So, to recap, it’s been a good couple of weeks post-IGF, we look forward to getting new features implemented to show off during EAE Day. 😀







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