Week 5 – playtests, explosions, speed bursts, and green tea.

I am so tired.

We got a bunch of stuff done this week, the new inhibitor is in and looking pretty sweet.

Some new FX stuff was implemented (this particular one indicates when Ada has full bandwidth)

We had a cohort-wide playtest which was difficult to manage since the new decal system kind of broke everything, so most of the playtest was spent apologizing for stuff not working. One of the big things I did make note of was people not knowing when to anticipate a launch tile vs a manual jump. I think more rules need to be set regarding these two things to help the player expect these options. Like jump tiles need to be obviously shorter in distance than launch tiles. I’ll talk to the design team about it.

I got some new fast and slow tiles implemented, Joe wanted to go with something that would tile well and be less linear-looking as our old arrows looked. so the fast and slow lanes became these respectively:

FS2-01 V2-03


Slow lanes look like stop signs LOL

So two weeks till GDC. Brenton is working hard on a brand new trailer for us, so far it’s a modified version of the old trailer, but with about 100% more awesomeness. Keaton is working out the score right now, I can’t wait to hear it. Art team is working hard arting new levels, the engineers keep everything running, and we’re all just truckin’ along.

We decided to order t-shirts for the team, so Cory game up with a super cool design:

So I’m coordinating getting those ordered. I’m also doing stickers and temporary tattoos for the team, we have a lot of ground to cover this year between the EAE and Intel booths, so we are investing in some pretty decent swag.

Two weeks to go, but I’m off to take a short break, it is my birthday afterall. 🙂

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