Week 13 – I have a game on Steam

I have a game on steam…. That’s so weird. But in every good way possible.

The last week was hard, but it was rewarding as hell. Lots still had to be done to prepare for the game’s release. Thankfully, we only had a couple late nights, and everyone had a good attitude throughout. We were doing last minute bug fixes, getting the narrative bookends in, and lots and lots of playtesting.

On April 16, we launched. We hit the publish button after class, then went out to celebrate. After 24 hours, we had reached 20,000 downloads. Yeah, 20,000. Reviews were pouring in, the majority of them were very positive. We were getting press. Lots of press, from major outlets like Vice and The Verge. We were also on the Popular New Releases on Steam, just shy of Mortal Kombat X and GTA V (!). By the weekend, we had 60,000 downloads and 250 reviews, still hanging in there at around 85% positive reviews. Here are some of my favorites:

Screenshot 2015-04-25 16.58.56Screenshot 2015-04-25 16.58.10

That pushed us up onto the main Steam homepage slider, right next to AAA games, IGF winners, and everything else. It’s very surreal seeing a game you worked on in that context. Today we are sitting pretty at around 75,000 downloads, still positive reviews, and just about 200 new Let’s Play videos. In terms of successful games, I’d say we did it!

This week we’ll be looking at the player feedback and making a list of bugs to fix and minor tweeks to features. We are also preparing for our thesis defense, in which we’ll get up in front of our committee (basically all the faculty except Bob who will be in China). We basically talk about the game, our process, individual contributions, and what we learned. So that will be fun. We’re doing the dry run on Tuesday so we’ll see how that goes.

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