Spring 2015 Week 2 – Commitment, complications, and sriracha BBQ sauce.

Well, we didn’t get into IGF. It would be inaccurate to say the team and I aren’t a little disappointed, but honestly, we aren’t making the kind of game that IGF is interested in. The blow was dampened a bit by the insane amounts of press we’ve been getting this week, as well as the other competitions we are in the running for right now. IGF would have been amazing, but not being a finalist in no way has dampened our spirits or commitment to making this game amazing.

Implementing the new hotness is being a bit of a bear. Joe was able to figure out a new decal shader that pretty much removed our need for the ground level of our game to be tile-based. It’s a brilliant bit of tech that Joe figured out, however it did completely break the level metrics. There was some discussion then about adjusting current levels or creating new ones to match the metrics, we’ll probably have to figure the new numbers first and then make that call.

We had a visit from a potential new professor to the U by the name of Nick Montfort. He came by projects and gave some very interesting feedback about the game mostly in the form of visuals and looking to the experience of the internet to help inform the art style. Cool stuff, definitely good feedback.

I also did a final for the inhibitor model, we’ll wait to see what the team says about the final version.



Weeks 7 and 8 – Dual posts, crippling [insert emotion], and grilled spleen.

13 Days to IGF Submission

One post for two weeks. Yep, it’s been that kind of month…

We are in full-blown alpha, the crazy stuff with the mechanics and gameplay and level flow have been mostly worked out, no onto the hard work. We started the week by toying around with “juicy” effects as per some feedback.

Kyle, Sidd, and Brenton worked on getting the effects for the floor tiles and the enemy attack up and running, with beautiful results, I might add.

kT2Ebua shadershit2

Joe worked on an amazing shader that activates with the foresight ability. He’s a mad genius when it comes to that kind of stuff. Cory and I worked on getting the square kit together for the levels. There are quite a few unique pieces, Cory is quite brilliant at kit construction.

Fall break came around and I spent some time away from my desk to refresh and decompress. Then I got screamingly ill from sitting in airplanes and lost two days of work. Which was not great.

Thursday we all got together and the first thing I hear when I walk in the door  is “we gotta change the game.” Naturally, I freak out a bit, but it was just a pitch to change the game name back to 404sight because of some feedback. The reasoning was silly, but in the end no one cared either way, so we went back to 404sight. So yay! Name changes!

Then we got back to work. I ran around importing my kit into Unreal, checking animations, giving feedback, talking to people about how stuff worked in-world, basic narrative stuff, and attempting to get some art into a level. I was more or less successful on those fronts.

I was able to get to dressing the first level with the kit. The kit works beautifully, as you can see in this brief walkthrough (more to come later).

After making sure that stuff worked, I went to task on a couple items for the team – a storyboard for the intro for Brenton and Matt, and a poster for the game (which in all honesty is an assignment for art class, but we needed one for the IGF submission anyway). The storyboard was actually pretty fun to put together. I wrote a short outline on the plane, but getting the visuals in helped me get a better idea how to introduce the world to the player. Here’s a super brief preview. Brenton and I will be putting the thing together in Unreal 4’s Matinee program, which is looking pretty neat.




The poster took me quite a bit longer than the storyboard, I wanted it to be reminiscent of the old-style movie posters such as Star Wars and Blade Runner. The concept is there, but the execution is weak, I wish I was a better digital painter. Ah well, I still think it’s cool.


Less than two weeks to the IGF deadline. It’s going to be balls to the wall from here on out, I expect my posts may become more and more truncated, but perhaps I can just throw a video together with what we’re doing. As always, you can also follow @404Sight or for more updates to the game that I may have missed.